R.M.S. Titanic

General Information

The R.M.S. Titanic is a British passenger liner that is to make her maiden voyage on the 10th of April from Southampton , Cherbourg and Queenstown on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic.

Her principal dimensions are: Length over all, 882ft. 9in.; breadth, 92ft. 6 in.; height from bottom of keel to boat deck, 97ft. 4in.; height from bottom of keep to top of captain’s house, 105ft. 6in.; distance from top of funnels to keel, 175ft.

There are eleven steel decks.

She is nearly 100 feet longer than any other ship in the world except her sister , and her tonnage – 45,000 – is 13,000 in excess of that of the biggest of her rival liners.

Her engines’ 50,000 horsepower are both turbine and reciprocating, are expected practically to eliminate vibration.

She has accommodations for 5,000 passengers.

She cost $7,500,000 ($178,390,283.37 in 2016).

The Titanic is not a speed marvel – she makes but 21 knots as against the Mauretania ’s 25 – but she is the last word in the way of comfort and luxury in trans-Atlantic travel.

The ship is owned by American financier [[J.P. Morgan]]’s trust, International Mercantile Marine (IMM).

She was designed by Thomas Andrews at Harland & Wolff – the ship’s builders – in Belfast .

She was launched at Belfast on the 31st of May last year after construction lasting two years and one month. The ship was fitted out for 10 months until the 2nd of this month. She was built by an army of workers numbering over 15 thousand men.

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R.M.S. Titanic

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